Mission accomplished

Oct. 19th, 2017 08:20 pm
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I have all the stories from this week to the end of the year uploaded. This week's should go live tomorrow sometime. The rest will be on preorder, phasing in week by week. I do still have to approve the POD versions but hey, they're uploaded and ready so it's a quick and easy thing.

Holy fuck that was a lot work!

I don't even know how many mistakes I caught in the process of getting them up. I'm gonna have to make myself a proper checklist to make sure that I don't make those sorts of mistakes next year. That was both exhausting and annoying as all hell.

But it's done so I'm happy. Now I can spend the next 10 weeks getting all my poorly formatted stories redone, starting with Muirin. And promptly drive myself just as crazy with it as I did with this, I'm sure.

I'm thinking I'm going to get next year's stories up for preorder, too, after I'm back from my writing seminar. No reason not to. I can do proper advertising and stuff if I do. Plus less stress about getting it done as the date gets closer, you know?

Got a ton of work-work done today, much to my surprise. That was it's own bundle of annoyance, errors and fixing things but hey, I'm glad I did it. Tomorrow I'll have a bunch of running around the company updating procedure manuals to do. That's been needed for over a month.

I'm in the process of doing a full backup of my writing. Haven't done that since January. I did partial backups as recently as the end of September but a full backup is a good idea. Gonna have to put quarterly full backups on my calendar for 2018... *makes a note*

I did sew the sushi leggings. They turned out a bit odd since I had to piece the top of them with different fabric. Plus I made the waistband too loose. So they're not quite wearable. That's okay. I can fix it after I get home. I'll just need to buy a but more fabric like the sushi fabric--not the same as the sushi fabric is sold out.

I'm 500 steps shy of my step count goal. I'll get that while the bathtub is filling. And I'm going to get my weights in too even though I won't be able to do them next week.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, approving this week's story (hopefully), ten tons of work, packing for the trip and praying I don't forget anything (I do have a list of things to bring but not sure everything is on it) and pizza for dinner because damn if I'm going to cook when I have to pack.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

No Now available post today

Oct. 18th, 2017 07:47 pm
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Sorry, guys. I'm gearing up to a big writing seminar and just haven't had the time to gather links to the last two things I published.

Or, for that matter, gather links to all the things I'm putting up for preorder.

You see, I have a story a week until the end of the year (short story, novella, novel or collection) and they're all done. Covers, blurbs, all formatting for ebook and POD. And given that the last quarter of the year is always 110% insane for me, I decided to go ahead and get them all uploaded for preorder.

That way I can work on reformatting the Muirin stories and dealing with the silly season. There's a new SF novel coming, with a companion short story (short story is next week, novel the week after). I have several more Gods Above and Below short stories. A Muirin novel that I'm super-happy with. A lovely little Christmas novella with a lesbian romance between two mentally ill young women that I kind of fell in love with as I wrote. Plus several collections that I've put off publishing for oh, most of the year.

Lots of good stuff coming.

Even better, I've got two books done for next year, a couple of short stories, and I'm working on a new Drath romance novel right now that should come out in February.

So yeah, lots of good stuff coming. Just no links to it at the moment.

Once I get back home on the 30th I'll work on getting the links for everything up.

Have a great week, everyone!

Well, it's not a short story

Oct. 17th, 2017 08:21 pm
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The story I started the other day? That I thought would be a short? Nope, not a short. It's a novel. A new Drath novel with a lesbian/nonbinary intersex character in the middle of an action/adventure type mystery. I've got one and a half chapters and I already know there's going to be a whole hell of a lot of drama on this one. Hoping to keep it to about 50-60K but we'll see how the writing goes.

Especially since I have the seminar starting on Saturday. I'm in gear up phase, gathering things and trying to make sure I get it all done in time. Which, I hope, will including sewing those damned sushi leggings. Hasn't yet but I've gotten quite a lot of other stuff done so that's good.

I'm 200 shy of my steps for today which I'll get while my bath fills. I've managed to get the weights every day for about a week, right in time to go away and not have any weights to lift. *amused snort*

Also been doing pretty good on Inktober but there won't be one today. I'm out of time for it. Oh well, I'll work on it tomorrow. I'm happy I did 16 days straight. That's better than I expected.

I've got two stories uploaded for preorder so far. Eight more to go. I will do links... eventually. *winces*

Goals for tomorrow include ugh work, writing, getting the Now Available post up, getting a couple of Preorder Available posts up, uploading more stories for preorder, sewing those damned leggings, Inktober sketching (which you can find on my Instagram and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Marvel Black Panther

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:47 am
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It's not due until February 2018, but I'm looking forward to it.

Shrine day today

Oct. 15th, 2017 08:53 pm
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We went to the Shinto shrine in town today for the Great Fall Ceremony. That's one of the few where the priest opens the doors to the inner temple during the ceremony. It was an utterly beautiful day so that made the trip even nicer. Much better than if it was super rainy or cold.

Other than that, didn't do much today. The hubby and I walked to the grocery store in town (about 2.5 miles round trip) because I forgot to buy potatoes for the stew I wanted to make today. The stew turned out really good but I got a reminder that my period is coming up after we got home. Massive cramps out of nowhere. This round's going to be winner. *groan*

Because of that I only got 500 words written on a new Drath short (maybe short?) story. Such is live. I had to go lie down for a while because of the stupid cramps.

I did manage to get the last POD done for this year. That means that I can spend this week uploading everything for preorder. Which is just what I wanted. Last week. But a week late is pretty darn good, I think.

Everything I write from now on will be for 2018 publication. :D

Though I do still have the rest of this year to fix the Muirin series so that's on the docket, too. And if I get that done I'll work on the Tindiere series next.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, work, exercises, making pasta for dinner and, I keep saying this and not doing it, making my sushi leggings. It'd be nice to have them for the writing workshop next week. So that's a deadline. Maybe it'll help me actually get them done to have a hard deadline.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!


Oct. 13th, 2017 08:49 pm
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I'm so glad it's Friday. This has been a very long week.

Made longer by the fact that I screwed up the cover for my collection this week so I had to fix it and re-upload it. Which meant that I haven't gotten the Amazon and Smashwords versions done. Ugh. But it's up on Kobo. Go look for Godly Interventions by Meyari McFarland since I'm too tired to link it right now.

Had guests over for dinner last night so that meant I barely got any writing done and didn't manage to get the Now Available for this week finished. Ugh again.

I am having fun with the new short story. It's a sequel to an unpublished short story that I'm submitting (off and on) to magazines and collections. Just because an idea caught me and I had to write it.

The second half of my standing desk arrived today and it's so nice to be able to use my monitor again. Though I'm having to adjust to the brightness and size of it all over again. Oh well, the visual real estate is such a relief that I'm not going to complain.

No idea what I'm going to do tomorrow other than the hubby wants to do something fun. Maybe movie time. We haven't watched any movies together in a while.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, getting this week's collection up everywhere, prepping (and maybe posting) the Now Available post, actually sewing my damn sushi leggings that still aren't done and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Total bleh day

Oct. 10th, 2017 08:33 pm
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Man, I woke up this morning and just could not wake up. The entire drive in to work I was asking myself why I was going. Then I ended up leaving at 10:30 because I could NOT think straight. Braining was not happening. Which wasn't a problem as the boss left at about 8:30 because he caught a cold last night.

Which means I'm doomed, having spent all of Monday in a conference room with him. Ugh. No signs of the cold yet but I just know I'm going to get it.

*crosses fingers I won't*

I came home, had lunch early and then crawled right back into bed. Slept for a couple of hours and I felt normal again. Yay!

So it's back to work like normal tomorrow.

I got writing done, about 1200 words, on a new short story. No idea how good it is but hey, it's writing. I had to toss about half what I wrote yesterday, all 541 words of it, but that's all right. What I ended up with today was stronger.

Also got some Inktober done, made goulash for dinner and swiffered the kitchen floor because I spilled goulash on it. Oops.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, getting a POD done (didn't happen today due to sleeping), exercises, and potentially making peach cobbler.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

New Simon's Cat Halloween Special

Oct. 9th, 2017 10:55 am
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Spoiler Alert: Do not watch if you hate SPIDERS!

Successful day!

Oct. 8th, 2017 08:14 pm
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I finished the book! Quinn proposed and Morgan accepted and it was just a total happy-making ending. I'll need to read it over again later but hey, I'm happy with it. Look for Better With You to come out in January, a few weeks before Valentine's. Since, you know, it ends on Valentine's Day. :D

Also got Secrets in the Prayers into POD format. Now I only have 4 things left to get into POD format and I can upload them all for preorder.

I really wanted to get all of them done this weekend but it just didn't happen. Not with yesterday's uggy day and today's thousand loads of laundry. Plus writing.

And joining Facebook.

I have resisted Facebook ever since it was created but now there's three writing classes I needed to be on Facebook for (two of which I didn't join for) so I finally gave in. I'm Meyari McFarland over there if you want to find me and friend me. (And mabye drop me a message so I know it's you from over here because damn if I know anyone over there)

I will not be linking my real identity into my Facebook. No way. It's for my writing so it's my writing name. So far. We'll see what happens.

Tomorrow there's a huge audit at work, one that I'll be escorting for all day so I expect to be wiped. Probably no post in the evening. Maybe no writing if the audit really kicks my ass.

Thus goals for tomorrow are survive the audit, write at least 500 words, start my latest writing class (it's only 10 days, I can do this even with an audit), and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Not a good day

Oct. 7th, 2017 08:45 pm
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We went out to the mall as planned today but man, it was a disaster from the moment we left the garage. Terrible traffic, a (very, very minor) fender bender, not finding things we went after and just all around bleh everywhere. Did get my steps, gummy bears and Lush but I kinda regret going out.

Fender bender was super minor. We were stopped at a light and this couple on their way (late) to a wedding bumped into our rear fender. No damage on our side, a little scuffing on their side. The guy had the gall to be offended that we were angry at him for smacking into us.

I may not have mentioned it, but in college I was in a 7-car pileup in exactly those circumstances. I was stopped for a light, six cars in front of me. An old lady blacked out at the wheel, smacked into the car coming to a stop behind me and driving her into the other lane. My car was shortened by a food on each end and I got a dandy case of whiplash from it. That's also when my migraines started.

So yeah, my neck went rock hard just in reaction and it ruined the day, outright.

Then traffic was ridiculously bad everywhere we went so it took an extra twenty minutes or so to get to the mall. Meant we were to late to go to the restaurant we wanted to hit. And the mall was busier than it would have been otherwise.

Either way, by the time we got home all I wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and hide so I did exactly that. Took a nap and felt better afterwards even though my neck is still a little tight.

After dinner I got writing done. One and a half chapters left in the novel! Morgan is giving Quinn her Christmas presents (all handmade) and then it'll be time for the proposal chapter and end of the story.

At least I got my steps for the day. That's a good thing.

Goals for tomorrow include writing the rest of the story (hopefully), doing POD versions for the last few stories this year, laundry, spending time with the hubby and cleaning my bathroom. Which needs it. Badly.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Almost done with the novel

Oct. 6th, 2017 08:36 pm
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I just finished chapter 18 and realized that I'm two chapters from done with this novel. I have one chapter of Morgan wanting to propose and Quinn working hard at bringing herself to do so and then the proposal (hopefully on or around Valentines) and it's finished. Yay!

Also yay is that I got this week's story done. You can find Clouds Drifting Overhead on Kobo, on on Smashwords, on Amazon as an ebook and (probably tomorrow) as a TPB and on CreateSpace with the ebook at $2.99 and the TPB at $5.99.

It's a lesbian sweet romance, interracial new adult, and set in Seattle. Hope you enjoy it if you choose to read!

On the publishing side of things, I have all the covers done to the end of the year and all the ebooks, too. Now I just need to finish 5 PODs and I'll be ready to upload everything as preorder. That will hugely simplify the rest of the year. And, you know, preorders are a thing that are supposed to be good for your business. We'll see if it does any good.

Went grocery shopping today, which was needed. I finally broke down and bought a new Swiffer, the sort that does wet as well as dry floors. We need it for the kitchen and bathrooms. Promptly used it once I got home on the kitchen.

I'm just shy of my steps for the day but I'll get that wandering around the house as my bathtub fills.

Goals for tomorrow include writing another chapter, getting at least one POD done, going to the mall with the hubby (which means that more than one POD is not going to happen), using my new swiffer on the bathroom floor (needs it!), and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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