Nov. 4th, 2012

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It's a day early, but Ricochet has arrived!

Ricochet is an epic,173,000 word page-turner, telling the story of a control freak sub and a wayward dom, and their journey towards finding each other - and themselves in the process. It has all the angst, humour, drama and sexiness of my BDSM universe stories.

Buy now from:


When the right dom is all wrong!

Even in a BDSM universe, where everyone identifies as dom or sub, finding the right partner isn’t always easy.

Matt is a big star on the hit TV show, Collar Crime, and he’s looking for a dom who ticks all the right boxes, including being as tidy and organised as himself.

That definitely isn’t his chaotic co-star, Rick, with his spanking fetish and habit of tying a different sub to his bed every night.

When Matt meets the perfect dom he’s swept off his feet, but he soon discovers that being pursued by a handsome, controlling billionaire isn’t the erotic fantasy he’d imagined.

Maybe the right dom for him is the one he thought was all wrong…


Please leave me a nice review on the site where you bought it if you enjoy the novel! Lots of stars would be lovely too *g*. You can also leave a review on the Ricochet page on my site. And please shout about it to the rooftops in your LJ, blogs, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Spread the word! Thank you so much for your support, as always. You guys rock!

With Smashwords, when you buy it you automatically get several different file formats so you can read on a variety of devices so if you like reading in a fanfiction type way, on your computer screen, that's the one to go for. If you're going to do that then I'd recommend reading it in PDF format as the RTF one is buggy although still readable. A paperback version will be available from Amazon soon!

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