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Title: Silent Night
Author: Xanthe
Fandom/s: Multi-fandom crossover fic, featuring many of my favourite fandoms
Pairings: Harvey/Mike from Suits – but the rest are a secret! However, I can say that lots of lovely couples, old and new, make an appearance during the course of the story. If you are desperate to know, you can click on the spoiler button to read the fandoms and pairings, but it’s more fun to just let them surprise you – trust me ;-).

Fandom/s: Suits, The X Files, NCIS, Ricochet, Person of Interest, Sherlock, Rizzoli & Isles, Stargate: Atlantis, James Bond (Skyfall)
Pairings: Harvey/Mike, Skinner/Mulder, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Rick/Matt, Finch/Reese, John/Sherlock, Rizzoli/Isles, Sheppard/McKay, Mallory/Bond

Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash
Genre: BDSM, romance, humour, angst, holiday, multi-fandom crossover
Warnings: Loving, consensual BDSM, including spanking, flogging and nipple clamps.
Wordcount: 21,500
Status: Complete
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Spelling: I’m from the UK, so I use UK spelling in my fanfiction stories.

Summary: It’s Christmas Eve, and Harvey has a surprise planned for Mike, with a diverting cast of characters making guest appearances. However, Mike has a secret of his own…


“Stop it!” Mike said, with a roll of his eyes. “Stop with the whole channelling your inner Bond villain thing, and just tell me what the hell we’re doing tonight.”

“Channelling my inner Bond villain?” Harvey raised an eyebrow.

“You know exactly what I mean! All you need is a fluffy white cat on your knee to complete the image, and Barbara Broccoli would be on the phone in seconds.”

Harvey considered that for a moment. “Hmm, I like that idea, but no. I don't have time for world domination – I'm far too busy dominating you.”

Author’s Notes: This is my Christmas fanfic offering for this year, a slightly bonkers bit of fun, featuring several different fandom pairings. It’s a crossover between my Possession and 24/7 universes, but you don’t need to read either of them to understand this. You just need to know that Harvey and Mike are in a Dom/sub relationship in this universe. None of the events of season two of Suits have happened, and it exists in its own alternate timeline, following on from season one. Not that it matters very much in the context of this story!

A big Christmassy thank you to [livejournal.com profile] bluespirit_star and [livejournal.com profile] tingreca for beta, and to Jacci and Nell for audiencing. Any mistakes are mine.

Dedication: For [livejournal.com profile] mcshepletgirl, who wanted this so much for so long (or at least a version of it!). Also, to everyone who supported me in the writing and publishing of Ricochet – that meant such a lot to me, and I wanted to write this to say a giant thank you to you all!

Silent Night
A 24/7 Christmas Story
By Xanthe

“Who is that in Harvey’s office?” Mike asked, glancing through the glass walls to see a man sitting on Harvey’s sofa. Harvey was sitting in the armchair facing the stranger, one leg crossed over the other, and they were both laughing. Mike frowned. “And why am I not in that meeting?” he said to Donna. “It looks like fun.”

She gave him a stern look. “I presume you’re not in there because it’s private.”

“It wasn’t in his diary.”

“You looked in Harvey’s diary?” Donna glared at him. “I am the High Queen of Harvey’s diary! Nobody looks in it, except for me.”

“Well, and Harvey,” Mike pointed out. Donna pursed her lips and glared at him some more. “No, you’re right – just you,” Mike said in a conciliatory tone. “So who is that guy, Donna? And why wasn’t the meeting in Harvey’s diary?”

Donna sighed. “I have no idea, on either count, and yes, it does pain me to admit that. Harvey just told me he was expecting someone ten minutes before this guy arrived.”

“Do you know his name? We could google him!”

“I tried that, but Harvey wouldn’t play ball.” Donna made a face. “Apparently, this meeting is not only private – it’s also secret.”

“Hmmm.” They looked at each other, and Mike could see the glint of mischief in her eyes. Then, they both inched over to the door at the same time, looking as casually nonchalant as they could, and tried to surreptitiously eavesdrop.

Mike craned his head over the top of Donna’s, and got a good look at Harvey’s visitor. He was a tall, broad man, with a completely bald head, dressed in a beautiful navy blue suit, which he filled out well. There was a purple and silver pocket square tucked into his top pocket, and he was wearing a matching silver and purple tie over his crisp white shirt.

“Maybe he’s a relative of Harvey’s,” Mike whispered to Donna.

“What makes you say that?” she whispered back.

“They both have a suit fetish.” Mike gestured with his head.

“Good thinking.” Donna nodded. “But no. I know all Harvey’s relatives, and frankly none of them are this hot. That guy is built!”

“He does have a sexy daddy thing going on,” Mike agreed. “But if he isn’t family, why is he here, in a secret, private meeting with Harvey, on Christmas Eve?”

“I have no... Oh shit!” Donna ran back to her desk just in time as Harvey suddenly strode over and yanked open the door, causing Mike to fall into the room in an undignified sprawl.

“Can I help you, Mike?” Harvey glared at him, while the bald man got up from the sofa, chuckling softly to himself.

“Uh…no. I was just passing by and thought I’d see if you need me for anything,” Mike said weakly.

“I’m guessing this is the pup,” baldy said, giving Mike an assessing look from a pair of warm, brown eyes. 

Mike felt himself flushing under the scrutiny. This man had an air of easy authority, combined with a strong sexual charisma, and he looked at Mike as if he knew every dark erotic secret he possessed. Somehow, this man knew Mike spent a good part of his life over Harvey’s lap, being spanked; or on his knees, sucking Harvey’s cock; or on his back, being fucked.

He probably also knew that Mike secretly longed to call Harvey ‘master’ during particularly intense sex scenes, but was too embarrassed to do it – plus it would inflate Harvey’s already over-inflated ego, and Mike didn’t want to give him the satisfaction – but that didn’t stop him wanting to do it all the same.

“Oh yes... he’s definitely the pup,” the bald man said, with a knowing smile. "I think I'm going to like him. You’ve chosen well here, Harvey.”

“Right now, he’s a naughty pup who’s in the doghouse for eavesdropping,” Harvey growled, giving Mike the kind of stern look that went straight to his cock.

“Don’t be too hard him, Harvey. I have a curious pup of my own, and I know what they’re like,” baldy said.

“Mike knows precisely how hard I’ll be on him later, Walter,” Harvey said sternly.

Walter guffawed. “Well, I’m sure it’s nothing he doesn’t deserve.”

Mike flushed even more. “Is… uh... your guest a business associate?” he hissed at Harvey. “Because if so, then I really don’t think this conversation is appropriate.”

“Walter is a friend,” Harvey said. “A good friend. Walter Skinner – meet Mike Ross, my…” he glanced at Mike with a grin. “Associate,” he finished, but he might as well have said ‘submissive’ because that was what his tone of voice and the expression in his eyes said all too clearly.

“Well, it’s good to meet you, Mike," Walter said, giving Mike's hand a firm shake. "I’ve known Harvey here for a few years, and it’s nice to see he’s doing so well for himself.”

“Harvey’s the best closer in New York.  He deserves his success,” Mike said, waving a hand at Harvey’s plush office.

Walter chuckled. “Oh, I know Harvey’s damn good at his job, but I wasn’t referring to that, Mike.”

“Wait... what…?” Mike sensed that he was missing some vital part of this conversation, and he didn’t like how off-centre that made him feel.

“Well, I should be going, Harvey. Thanks for your help,” Walter said.

“You’re welcome, Walter. Always a pleasure.” The two men shook hands, and Walter gave Mike another amused glance before walking out of the office.

“Who was that?” Mike asked when he was gone. “And if you expect me to do any legal work for him, it’ll be kind of embarrassing after all that ‘pup’ talk.”

“Oh, you know I don’t mind embarrassing you occasionally, Mike,” Harvey said, goosing Mike’s ass on his way back to his desk. Mike smothered a yelp, and went to stand in front of Harvey’s desk.

“So, who was he, then?” he asked. “And why were you having a secret, private meeting with him in your office on Christmas Eve?”

“Jealous?” Harvey raised an eyebrow.

“No, obviously not... although, he was very good-looking in a DILF kind of way,” Mike mused.

“DILF…? Oh.” Harvey rolled his eyes. “Get your mind out of the gutter, Mike. Walter is an old friend, and I helped him out with some private work recently. He’s in town on business, and dropped by to say thanks – that’s all.”

“Okay.” Mike hated it when Harvey shut him out of a case, but it was clear Harvey wasn’t going to tell him any more than he already had, so he guessed he just had to leave it at that. “Look, I’m sorry about the listening at the door thing, but I was wondering if you’d decided about tonight.”

“Tonight?” Harvey glanced at the file of papers on his desk with a distracted frown.

“Yes. Tonight. Christmas Eve. I suggested going to Rachel’s party, and you said we have other plans but refused to tell me what they are. I just wondered if you were ready to tell me yet?”

“Ah. Yes. Tonight.” Harvey gave him an entirely infuriating smile, clearly having no intention of telling him anything more.

“Stop it!” Mike said, with a roll of his eyes. “Stop with the whole channelling your inner Bond villain thing, and just tell me what the hell we’re doing tonight.”

“Channelling my inner Bond villain?” Harvey raised an eyebrow.

“You know exactly what I mean! All you need is a fluffy white cat on your knee to complete the image, and Barbara Broccoli would be on the phone in seconds.”

Harvey considered that for a moment. “Hmm, I like that idea, but no. I don't have time for world domination – I'm far too busy dominating you.” He gave an evil smile.

“Ha ha ha ha ha.” Mike made a face. “Now, will you please tell me what we’re doing tonight? You know, we don’t have to go out anywhere. It’s fine by me if we spend the evening under the tree, like we did last year?” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, remembering how Harvey had tied tinsel around his wrists and fucked him on the floor three nights running, while the Christmas tree lights had twinkled all around them.

“Not tonight. I have other plans for us tonight,” Harvey said firmly.

“Which are?” Mike asked, exasperated.

“You’ll find out, Pup.” Harvey glanced at his watch. “Talking of which – I have an appointment. I’ll be out of the office for the rest of the day, but I’ll pick you up from outside the apartment at eight this evening.” Harvey got up, shouldered himself into his expensive cashmere coat, and picked up his briefcase. “Don’t be late,” he said sternly to Mike. “And don’t think I’ve forgotten about the listening at the door thing, either. There will be punishment for that later.”

Mike felt a thrill of anticipation – Harvey’s punishments were always so painfully delicious.

“But where are we going?” Mike called after Harvey. “And what should I wear?”

Harvey shrugged. “It doesn’t matter what you wear, Mike.”

“At least give me a clue!  I mean, are we going to a fancy restaurant – do I need to wear a suit? Or is it a jeans and sweater kind of thing?”

Harvey paused by the door, a frankly malicious smile curving on his lips. “Trust me, Mike – it really doesn’t matter what you wear.”

“But, Harvey! You can’t expect me to show up at a party with your swanky friends dressed in sweatpants!”

“Oh, I don’t expect you to do that.” Harvey grinned. “I expect you to die, Mr. Bond.” He stroked an invisible cat, his eyes glittering with malicious mischief, and Mike rolled his eyes.

“Just remember the villain always loses,” he said. “And the hero always gets laid.” He winked at Harvey.

“Aw, you want me to fuck you later? Well, we’ll see. I might make you beg first.”

Mike sighed. Much as he hated it when Harvey made him beg, he couldn’t deny it also turned him on like crazy.

“Just be there, Mike. Outside the apartment at 8pm. Do not be late,” Harvey ordered, and then he was gone.

Mike glared after him. “Yes, Master,” he muttered under his breath, rolling his eyes. Then he realised what he’d said, and he sighed again.

Master: one simple word, but with so much meaning. He and Harvey had been in a nice, light version of a dominant/submissive relationship for eighteen months now, and it suited them both fine. Did he really want to give Harvey a word with so much power over him? And was either of them ready for such a big step?


Mike walked out into a cold New York winter night as he left the apartment a few hours later. As Harvey had been so typically unhelpful on the topic of what he should wear, Mike had decided to be just as difficult, and was dressed in the old pair of sweatpants and a sweater that he’d once worn to decorate his former apartment. Both were covered in paint stains, and there was a hole in the sweater sleeve. He’d thrown a crumpled old jacket over the top to complete the ensemble.

Mike took a certain satisfaction in provoking the always exquisitely dressed and coiffed Harvey in this way. He’d discovered early in their relationship that the one thing that riled Harvey more than anything else, and inevitably led to a spanking, was when Mike turned up looking dishevelled.

Harvey seemed to count poor personal grooming as a crime on a par with mugging old ladies in the street, or kicking puppies, so his spankings for the offence always far outweighed the crime, in Mike's opinion. It was, therefore, a weapon that Mike only unleashed when he was in the mood for being swung over Harvey’s knee and having his ass thoroughly blistered.

Tonight, as he stood outside the condo building, shivering in the cold air, he thought he’d welcome a chance to be hauled over his dom’s knee to have his ass roasted.

“At least it’d be warm,” he muttered, blowing on his fingers and wishing he’d thought to bring his gloves.

An enormous limousine pulled up in front of the building a few seconds later, and it was only when Harvey’s driver, Ray, got out that Mike realised it was Harvey’s car.

“Wow... this is amazing!” Mike said, as Ray opened the door for him.

The lights in the back of the limo were on, gently dimmed, and Harvey was sitting inside, wearing his long black cashmere coat, buttoned up high to the neck, and a pair of plain black cashmere-lined leather gloves. As always, Harvey was appropriately dressed for the weather. 

“What’s the occasion?” Mike asked, glancing around the plush interior of the limo. There were two rows of black leather seats, facing each other, and an enormous space between them.

“It’s Christmas Eve, Mike – that’s occasion enough,” Harvey said.

“Well, I love it!” Mike beamed.

As he climbed inside, he noticed an intriguing brown paper parcel on the seat beside Harvey, tied up with string. Mike moved to sit on the seat next to the parcel, only to find his way blocked by a gloved hand.

“Not on the seat, Mike. On the floor, like the naughty pup you are,” Harvey ordered, clicking his fingers at the floor in front of his seat.

“The floor?” Mike gave him an agonized look. “But Ray…” He glanced over his shoulder, where Ray had taken his seat and had started the engine.

“Oh, Ray’s seen you go ass up over my knees in the back of the car before. He won’t mind you kneeling in front of me.” Harvey gave a smug grin, and Mike had to acknowledge that kneeling in front of Harvey in the limo probably wasn’t as bad as the time Harvey had spanked him in the car, quite hard, and Ray had simply looked in the mirror, smiled, and turned up the music to drown out the sound of his cries. Somehow, knowing that Ray was witnessing his humiliation had turned Mike on like crazy, and when they’d got home that night he’d waylaid Harvey the minute they stepped through the front door, and they’d ended up fucking on the kitchen counter, unable to even make it as far as the bedroom.

“Harvey! It’s embarrassing!” Mike hissed, turned on and mortified in equal measure.

“I know.” Harvey grinned. “But I’m ordering you, Pup, and as you’re already due a spanking after that eavesdropping stunt you pulled earlier, I think you should obey me, don’t you? Things will only be worse for you, if you don’t.”

Mike swallowed hard. This was a game they both loved playing, bantering back and forth before Mike’s inevitable capitulation. He loved being rebellious and answering back, pushing Harvey into being even more the stern dom than usual.

“Worse how?” Mike asked, half crouching by the seat, unwilling to concede just yet.

“I still have that cane in my closet,” Harvey said, which was true, because Mike had seen it, several times. Harvey usually only brought it out as a threat, or to trail over Mike’s bound, naked body during an intense scene, but Mike wasn’t entirely sure that his lover wouldn’t use it, one day. He also wasn’t entirely sure he didn’t want him to, one day. It was a fantasy of his – although he wondered if the reality might be more painful than he’d be able to handle.

Mike thought about it for a moment, and then sighed and gave in. “Okay,” he muttered gracelessly, sinking to his knees in front of Harvey on the limo floor. “You know, I think you get off on this,” he said, feeling his cheeks flush at the humiliating position.

“Well, duh.” Harvey rolled his eyes. “Dom remember?” He grinned and sat back in his seat, surveying his sub with a smug grin. “You do look good there. I must remember to have you kneel at my feet more often.”

“Not in the office, though,” Mike said anxiously.

Harvey’s grin broadened. “That’s a fine idea! Thank you, Mike.”

Mike sighed. “I hate you sometimes.”

Harvey laughed. “Aw, I can see my boy wants to live dangerously tonight. Now... let’s get down to business.” He slowly removed his gloves, taking his time, giving the act an entirely unnecessary air of menace. Then he flicked Mike’s jacket open with a lazy finger, and rolled his eyes when he saw the paint stained clothes that Mike was wearing underneath.

“Well, you said, and I quote, ‘it really doesn’t matter what you wear’.” Mike gave his dom a beatific smile.

“Don’t try and lawyer me, Mike. I know what I said – and, luckily for you, I meant it. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing right now, because you won’t be wearing it for much longer. Now strip.”

“What?” Mike stopped smiling instantly. “Uh... what?” he said again.

“Strip,” Harvey said pleasantly.

“Uh... you mean…?”

“Naked? Yes, Mike, that’s exactly what I mean. And don’t look at Ray – he won’t be looking at you... although,” he glanced at Ray. “He might get a good view of your naked ass in his mirror, if he’s interested.”

Mike glanced over his shoulder to see Ray smiling at Harvey in the mirror.

“You can always be assured of my discretion, Harvey,” Ray said, and Harvey turned back to Mike with a stern look.

“You heard him – now strip, before I get annoyed by how much backtalk I’m getting from my pup tonight.”

Mike knelt there, his mouth pressed into an obstinate line of rebellion. Harvey arched an eyebrow, and mimed picking up something long and slender, and bending it menacingly. Mike caved.

“Okay, okay, but it’s too cold for this,” he growled.

“Ray – turn up the heating back here,” Harvey called, and a second later Mike felt a waft of warm air on his back.

Mike shrugged off his jacket and threw it behind him, and then he pulled his sweater over his head. He was naked underneath, and felt incredibly stupid to be taking off all his clothes in the back of a limo.

“Aren’t you at least gonna…?” Mike nodded at Harvey, still neatly buttoned up in his long wool coat. “I mean, I assume we’re going to be having sex, because if not, this is just weird.”

“We’re not going to be having sex, Mike,” Harvey said. “Now strip, before I get annoyed.”

Mike hesitated, his hands on the waistband of his sweatpants. “Harvey,” he said miserably. “This isn’t what I had in mind for tonight. I thought that as it was Christmas Eve, we’d be doing something… you know… romantic.”

Harvey’s dark eyes softened. He leaned forward, tipped Mike’s chin up, and kissed him sweetly on the lips. Then he drew back. “Trust me, Pup?” he said gently, keeping his index finger under Mike’s chin. Mike gazed at him uncertainly for awhile, and then, finally, he nodded.

“Yes, Captain,” he said softly.

“Good.” Harvey cleared his throat and sat back. “Now, finish undressing. I want to see my boy’s body.”

Mike took a deep breath and pushed his sweatpants and boxers down his legs, scrambled out of them, and put them on the pile of clothes. He quickly removed his socks and sneakers, and then knelt in front of Harvey again, completely naked. He knew Harvey wouldn’t allow him to cover his cock, so he squared his shoulders, knelt back on his heels, and offered himself up to his dom. His cock was half hard, and he could feel the warm air of the heater on his bare ass.

“Good boy.” Harvey’s gaze lingered on his cock, and he gave Mike a knowing little smile. No matter how much these little humiliation scenarios made Mike blush, they always turned him on – Harvey knew him too well. “Now, as it’s Christmas Eve, and as for most of the year you’ve been fairly nice, even when you’re also being a naughty pup, too, Santa has got a little present for you.” Harvey smirked.

Mike rolled his eyes. “If you’re referring to what’s in your pants, then that is a really crappy joke, Harvey.”

“I’m not.” Harvey picked up the brown paper parcel, and tugged open the string. “Close your eyes, Mike.”

Mike did as he was told with some trepidation, wondering what Harvey could possibly have in store for him. He heard a rustling sound, and then the pleasant smell of new leather filled the air, and he felt something being wrapped around his throat. He smiled. “Is that a new collar, Harvey?”

“It is, Mike. The old one was looking worn. Okay, you can open your eyes.”

Mike opened them, and lifted his fingers to touch the smooth leather of the new collar. Harvey took a little mirror out of his coat pocket, and Mike gazed at his reflection. The collar was made of the softest red leather, with what felt like a plush, velvet interior. It looked expensive – and knowing Harvey, it almost certainly was. There was a little silver D ring sparkling on the front of the collar.

“Do you like it, Pup?” Harvey asked, and Mike nodded, his eyes shining as he studied himself in the mirror. “Good, because we’re not done yet.” Harvey turned back to the parcel, and took out a silver tag. He held it up, and Mike saw that it was engraved in elegant, copperplate writing.

Property of Harvey Specter,” Mike read out loud. “But we already know that.” He grinned.

“Yes, we do – but the people we’re going to meet tonight don’t, and I want them to know that if any of them messes with my boy, then they mess with me,” Harvey said, in a dark kind of voice that sent shivers up Mike’s spine.

He reached out and attached the tag to Mike’s collar, where it settled against Mike’s skin, dangling down, cool and seductive against his flesh, a constant reminder of who he belonged to and what he was.

“Who the hell are we going to meet tonight?” Mike asked. “Uh, you’re not going to take me some place naked, are you?”

“No, Mike. Well, not completely.” Harvey turned back to his parcel, and took out… a pair of PVC pants.

“Oh shit. You want me to wear those?” Mike said, aghast.

“I do, Mike, yes.”

“Harvey! They’re so... shiny.” Mike made a face.

“What does that tag around your neck say, Mike?” Harvey asked.

“Property of Harvey Specter,” Mike said reluctantly.

“So, what are you?”

“Yours.” Mike sighed.

“And what can I therefore do?” Harvey had that pedantic look on his face that he always got when taking apart an inferior lawyer in the courtroom.

“Make me wear the pants,” Mike said, with a little pout.

“That’s right – and don’t give me the puppy dog eyes. They don’t work with me.”

“Well, they kind of do a bit,” Mike said, with a wink.

“Not tonight,” Harvey said sternly. He held out the pants, and Mike took them, sat back on his ass, pulled them up his legs, and fastened them. It was only when they were on that he realised he could still feel the warm air Ray had sent wafting through the vents, caressing his buttocks.

“Harvey!” Mike whipped his head around and saw that the ass area of the pants had been cut away, leaving his buttocks completely exposed.

“It’s a good look on you, Mike,” Harvey said, glancing over Mike’s shoulder, too.

“No, it isn’t! It’s a ridiculous look! Where the hell are you taking me tonight, Harvey?”

“Somewhere you can be yourself,” Harvey said sharply. “Now kneel in front of me again; I’m not done yet.”

Mike did as he was ordered, feeling his cheeks flush at the thought of wearing these cut-out pants in public.

Harvey reached into his parcel and drew out a pair of silver nipple clamps. Mike eyed them warily.

“Don’t worry, Pup. They aren’t the most painful ones you’ve experienced – you'll be wearing these all evening, so I don't want the circulation cut off.” Harvey flicked his wrist, and Mike saw a flash of silver, and a second later there was a sharp sensation in his left nipple. He gave a little squeal, which Harvey ignored, and a second later his right nipple was assaulted in exactly the same way. Harvey sat back and surveyed the clamped nipples critically.

“Oh yeah – they look good. I like to see my boy with some decoration on him. Very nice.”

Mike looked down proudly, to see the clamps fastened tightly around his nipples. They were pretty clamps, not the usual more utilitarian ones that Harvey used on him, and a silver chain ran between them, connecting his nipples.

“Very pretty.” Harvey jangled the chain, tugging on the clamps, making Mike squeal again. “I like them.” Harvey gave an appreciative smile. “You’re starting to really look the part now, Mike.”

“What part?” Mike asked.

“Let’s just say that when we reach where we’re going to tonight, you’ll fit right in.” Harvey grinned. “Now, stay still.” He took a bottle out of the parcel, squeezed a clear-coloured gel onto his fingers, and then rubbed them together.

“What’s that? Some kind of evil product to make my ass hurt even more than usual when you’re spanking it?” Mike asked suspiciously.

Harvey rolled his eyes. “No, Mike – it’s hair gel.” Harvey reached out and ran his hands through Mike’s hair, tousling it artfully with his fingers. “Oh, that’s good. I like it. You look like you’ve just been fucked, and that’s always a good look on you. Now... some more decoration, I think.”

He took a curling white gold bangle out of the parcel and pulled it open, then slotted it around Mike’s upper arm. Mike glanced down and saw that it was fashioned in the shape of a snake, with glowing ruby eyes, and it curled around and around his arm, from the top of his bicep to his elbow. Harvey attached a matching bangle to his other arm.

“One more thing…” Harvey took a small black tube out of the parcel that looked suspiciously like…

“Is that mascara?” Mike asked, jerking his head backwards.

“Yes, it is. I want my boy to look exotic tonight, in case you hadn’t noticed. Back into position, Pup.” Harvey opened his knees and pointed between his legs.

“There is no way you are putting mascara on me,” Mike said obstinately.

“So, you’re okay with the ass-less PVC pants, the collar, the bangles, and the nipple clamps, but you draw the line at some make-up?” Harvey raised an eyebrow.

“I’m not a girl, Harvey!” Mike protested.

“I certainly hope not, as there are things I want to do to your dick later.” Harvey grinned. “But you are my sub, Mike, and I want my sub to look a certain way tonight. So kneel back in position. Now.”

With a wounded sigh, Mike did as he was told, wondering just how many more torments the evening would bring. He also wondered if Ray was looking at him in the mirror, with his ass hanging out of his pants, his nipples chained up, and his boss-cum-dom applying mascara to his eyelashes. Harvey spent a long time on his eyelashes, and then he took out a kohl pencil, and spent several seconds rubbing that under and around Mike’s eyes, with far more gusto than Mike was happy with.

Finally, he sat back and surveyed Mike with a critical eye. “That’s perfect. Here, see for yourself.”

He held up the mirror, and Mike gazed at himself, spellbound. He barely recognised himself. He looked like some kind of exotic slave boy, everything about him screaming sex. His hair was sticking up in little points, ready to be grabbed by his dom to hold him in position for a good fucking. His skin looked pale against his heavily made-up eyes, giving him a delicate, dreamy look, and his eyes were smoky and mysterious, suggesting all kinds of sexual promise.

The collar was snug around his neck, the little silver tag proudly proclaiming who owned him, and his nipples were straining darkly against the confines of the clamps, the decorative chain between them adding a touch of slave boy chic. The bangles looked oddly beautiful, clinging to and accentuating his muscles, and the tight PVC pants with the missing ass area made it abundantly clear what he was tonight, if that had been in any doubt.

“Beautiful,” Harvey breathed, putting the mirror back in his pocket. “There, Pup. I told you it didn’t matter what you wore tonight.”

“So, where the hell are we going? And why am I dressed up like a bum boy from some sheikh’s harem, while you…?” Mike gestured to Harvey’s long, black woollen coat, and Harvey grinned at him.

“Well, you are the sub, Pup, and I’m the dom – and just so you don’t forget that…” Harvey took a long silver leash out of his pocket, and clipped it to the D ring on the front of Mike’s collar.

“As if I could forget it, dressed like this,” Mike muttered, but he got a thrill from being leashed by his dom all the same.

At that moment, the car drew up outside a building with a bright neon sign outside proclaiming itself to be “Murray’s – NYC”. Ray got out and opened the door, and Harvey stepped out onto the sidewalk. He grabbed hold of Mike’s leash and pulled him out after him, and Mike shivered in the cold night air.

“Ray... take this.” Harvey unbuttoned his long coat, and then took it off and handed it to his driver, and Mike stood there, open-mouthed, gazing at his dom.

Harvey was wearing a pair of tight black leather pants that clung to his legs and ass almost obscenely, together with a fitted black shirt, with a red leather vest over the top of it that matched Mike's collar. There was a black leather belt around his waist, with a fancy silver buckle.

He looked insanely beautiful and every inch the master. Mike’s jaw was almost on the floor, and it was all he could do not to drop to his knees in front of his dom and kiss his shiny leather shoes.

“You were saying, Mike?” Harvey raised an eyebrow. “Some kind of whine about the clothes you’re wearing, and me not being dressed up for the occasion, I think?”

“Harvey…” Mike breathed, unable to string a coherent sentence together.  “You look…”

“I know.” Harvey grinned at him. “Close your mouth, Pup. You’re drooling.” He put a finger under Mike’s jaw and pushed it up. "

Mike was still speechless, but he didn't have time to say anything anyway, because Harvey tugged on his leash and led him into Murray's – whatever the hell "Murray's" might turn out to be.

Silent Night - 2/3

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