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I've been working on an original character novel set in the BDSM universe for the past few months. I've now finished it and sent it to my betas, so I finally feel able to do the first teaser post. Squee! I'll do some more of these in the next few weeks and hope to include some graphics too as we go along. This one is just a little introduction. So much happens in the 165,000 words of the novel that I had to just concentrate on some basics here.

I'm intending to self-publish the novel in e-book format on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords etc when it's ready, and, if possible, provide it in a hard copy form too - I'll post all the details here when the time comes. Special thanks to georgiesmith for the icon :-).

Coming Soon!

By Xanthe Walter

In a world where everyone is bisexual and BDSM relationships are the norm...meet the cast of the hit TV show Collar Crime.

Onscreen, Richard O'Shea plays the naughtiest sub on TV, and off-screen he gets into almost as much trouble. He’s a laidback, fun-loving goofball of a dom who enjoys a string of one-night stands with the prettiest subs he can find in LA's most exclusive nightclubs.

Matthew Lake plays an innocent young sub on the show, but in real life he’s a tidy, fastidious control freak with an OCD problem who repeatedly dates the wrong kind of doms.

When Rick’s chaotic personal life lands him in hot water with the Collar Crime show-runner, he's forced to change his lifestyle and confront his dark past before it ruins his career.

Matt struggles with his own problems when a gritty new plotline brings him face to face with one of his worst fears. After making a dangerous mistake, he finds that the only person he can turn to for help...is the most notoriously unreliable dom in the world.


There was a sudden flurry at the door, and then the human whirlwind that was Matt in a bad mood stormed into his trailer without knocking.

“Have you seen this?” He threw a magazine across the trailer. Rick caught it in one hand and glanced at the front cover.

“Is Rick swimming in Matt’s lake?” the headline screamed, over a picture of him and Matt emerging from his house a few days ago, Rick's hand clamped firmly around Matt's wrist.

“They made a pun out of your surname being ‘Lake’?” Rick shook his head sadly. “That’s crappy writing.”

“Really? They're insinuating that we're having an affair and your problem is that the writing’s crap?" Matt glared at him.

"Well, it is!"

"Yes it is," Matt conceded. "And this one is even worse!” He flung another magazine at Rick.

“Ricochet! TV star Matthew Lake takes a walk on the wild side with his handsome co-star!”

This one had a picture of Rick throwing Matt over his shoulder and striding with him towards his bike.

“Ricochet! Hah!” Rick laughed. "Now that one is actually pretty good."

“Yes, yes,” Matt said impatiently. “The first headline is a feeble play on my name, and the second is an even worse pun on yours. Hah, hah, very funny.”

“Rick O’Shea…ricochet.” Rick was still laughing at the joke. “I love it!”

“Well, I don’t! And I do damn well feel like I'm ricocheting all over the place because of this! My life used to be calm and ordered, just the way I like it, until this happened. Now the paparazzi follow me everywhere, and people keep thinking I’m subbing to you and asking me the most inappropriate questions about what you’re like in bed, and Emily just left me a very rude message on my cell phone, and…it’s all a total mess!” Matt threw his hands up in the air.

“Huh. See, for me it’s the opposite,” Rick said, sitting down on his couch and flicking through the magazines. “My life used to be full of fun and chaos and now it’s totally boring. I used to actually have a life, Matty, and now I can’t do anything, or go anywhere, or be myself in case I screw up and get fired.”

“It’s like we swapped lives,” Matt lamented, sitting down beside him. “I’m leading your high octane life, and you’re leading my more structured…”

 “Boring,” Rick interjected.

“Ordered,” Matt insisted with a glare. “Life.”

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