We have a roof

Aug. 19th, 2017 08:35 pm
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The roofers finished putting our new roof on today. They hauled ass in amazing ways, not just with putting it on but also with cleaning up after they were done. It looks really good and now we don't have to worry about the grit coming off or the roof leaking.


Of course, because they were here there was no going out or doing anything. Thus I got a lot of writing done on the new novella. I have about 4-5K left to write on it and then I'll need someone to beta it for me. Preferably someone with some familiarity with mental illnesses. Because every single character in the story is mentally ill in one way or another. And/or physically disabled, too. And they're all queer.

Thus I am nervous that I'm going to write something harmful and/or ignorant. *sigh* Still writing, though, because this is the story that's in my head at the moment.

Seriously, I just wanted my asexual/aromantic lesbian story. Sabah's asexual. Caron's aromantic. They're never, ever going to have sex but they are finding their way to making a good life together with their friends.

Anyway. Anyone who's interested in betaing please do contact me. Or if you know of people who beta, point me in their direction, please.

Once the roofers left the hubby smoked up a rack of ribs. They turned out REALLY tender and good. We also had corn from his garden patch. It was a little young but the stalks were bent and broken by the roofers so hey, it was time to harvest them. Very sweet though. I was happy. Though now I have corn bits stuck in my teeth. Need to floss something awful.

Tomorrow the hubby and I are going down to Seattle to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. We had no idea it was there until we saw a commercial for it last night. Then we decided that hey, it's going to be gone on Sept 4th. We better get our butts down there to see it.

Should be very interesting.

So, goals for tomorrow include the Science Center, wandering around Downtown for a bit, doing laundry, writing the end of this story and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me. Goodnight everyone!
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*sigh* It's looking to be about 12K to 15K, so a novella. Not a short story. Oh well, it needs the length. It's a asexual/lesbian romance where both of the girls are mentally ill and doing their best to live their lives. Told in a series of parties held at their friend Tiyamike's house. So it opens with the housewarming, then there's Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Valentine's. I've got the housewarming and Labor day chapters done. Though I might expand the Labor Day one a bit.

Fun so far and hopefully I won't mess them up.

Got my steps today due to the hubby deciding we needed to take a walk after work. I did something a couple of days ago to my left Achilles tendon. No idea what but when I take too long of strides it hurts. Not sharp pain, just ow, ow, ow. Odd. Not sure if I should stay off it or do lots of stretching. Though honestly I could do with massive amounts of stretching on a regular basis.

This week's story is up and ready everywhere other than CreateSpace. It's called Stripped Lords of the Way and is in the Gods Above and Below verse, focused on Cyrille and his horse. Because fantasy stories really don't ever pay enough attention to the horses. I'm no horse person and even I know that they have way more personality than stories, mine included, give them.

Tomorrow the contractors arrive to start replacing the shingles on our roof. We're not sure how long it'll take. I'm hoping that it'll take 1-2 days at most but they have our house and our detached garage to take care of so who knows. Either way, it'll be good to have it done. Right now the bin is blocking our garage so we can't even park in there. Oh well, it's for a good cause. Leaks are bad.

Goals for tomorrow include work (lots of it), writing, exercises, getting groceries and being quite astonished by the change in the house when I get home and see what they've gotten done (however much that is).

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Now Available (long overdue)

Aug. 17th, 2017 01:18 pm
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Finally, I've gotten all the links gathered up so here's the long overdue Now Available post I've been beating myself up to get done. And then not getting it done. *wince*

Red Lords and the Darkest Hunter


The steppes were cold, stunningly cold, not that Xun felt it. The blood of Dorji Kita shielded her from the worst of it.

Unfortunately, it also prevented her from seeing and hearing the dark threat lurking under the steppes, waiting to flood out and consume all of the Red Hunters.

The Red Hunters asked Xun for help.

But how could one woman face down something this powerful and not be drowned?

Find This Story:

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On CreateSpace $5.99 TPB

Gods Above and Below (Collection)


Gods dwell in everything. The sky, the earth, roses, frogs, everywhere. Above, below and between, the Gods imbue everything with life.

And death.

When Dorji Kita goes mad and kidnaps Prince Cyrille and his soulbond, the warrior Akuchi, it falls to gardener Xun Rosario and her newly formed team to save them.

No matter the cost to Dorji Kita.

Or to them.


The Heat of the Thorn
Door in the Wind
Rising Sword of the Blue Flames
Silent Voyages of the Last Winter
Thief of the Moon
The Ice's Voyagers
First Snake of the Dwindling Ships
Kiss of the High King's Illusion
The Roses of the Slaves
Red Lords and the Darkest Hunter

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Waves of the Falling Moon


The eclipse was coming.

Xun roamed her mother's place halls, unable to sleep. Restless energy filled her; Dorji Kita's energy.

She would have called it boredom with being home if it weren't for visiting deities, prophecies of destruction…

…and Xun losing her humanity inch by inch.

Change was coming for Xun and this time she wasn't sure that it could be fought.

Find This Story:

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Wings of the Dreaming Abyss


Sweat dripped down Garnett's ribs to pool at the beltline. Coming home, back to his house and his friends and his former lover Kali, wasn't something he'd planned on doing.

But when home called, Garnett came.

Because Kali had changed since the eclipse of the falling moon. Garnett didn't know if it was his fault. It might be.

If so, Garnett would do whatever he had to to save Kali.

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The Lights of the Stones


Six hours of training, riding, helping build a wall around Countess Delaney's fortress and now Akuchi had to go to a party. He'd been on battle fields that felt less like a trap than this room did.

Until he realized that this was a true trap, that magic had sealed them all in.

With everyone else caught in the spell, Akuchi was the only one who could decipher the riddle of the lights of the stones.

Find This Story:

On Kobo $2.99 ebook
On Smashwords $2.99 ebook
On Amazon $2.99 ebook or $5.99 TPB
On CreateSpace $5.99 TPB


Whew! A ton of stories in the Gods Above and Below verse have come out in the last couple of months. Mostly because it's a fun series to write in. This week's story is in the same world but it's not approved as a POD yet so I can't link to it yet. *said sigh*

Next week, though, you get something completely different, finally. It's a lesbian romance set here and now with no supernatural anything at all. Just girls supporting each other and falling in love, while vacationing on a private island in the Puget Sound. :D

Hope that you enjoy the stories, these and those coming out, if you choose to read them!


Aug. 16th, 2017 08:44 pm
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I have all the links for the long-overdue Now Available post but nothing else. Ugh. It will go up tomorrow, damn it.

On the other hand, I managed to get the cover, POD and Ebooks done for this week's story this evening, plus I started a new short story and got 650 words on it. Not bad for not starting until 7:30 pm.

Of course now I'm wiped. I'd wanted to take a bath and get some reading done but nope. Going shower and flop in bed instead.

Work has just ordered me a new Microsoft Surface. I'll be starting a new project soon and need it far more than I need a desk computer. Nice. I've wanted one to play with and the hubby wouldn't let me get one. Better still, I'll be able to long in remotely on it, which is a first for me. I've never been allowed remote access before.

Now if they'd just give me a damn pay raise, too. *sigh*

Casserole turned out really good. I've got 3 extra lunches so that makes me happy.

Goals for tomorrow include finishing the new short story (house party with all the girls!), get this week's story uploaded everywhere, get the damn Now Available post up finally, exercises and pasta for dinner. Also potentially sending Fossil History (my recent unicorn story) out to another publisher.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Finished the novel!

Aug. 15th, 2017 08:32 pm
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Jaden surprised me by proposing in the parking lot. Padma, of course, immediately accepted. They're going to do Justice of the Peace and then throw a party for their friends instead of a big fancy wedding.

I'm so happy with the ending of the story. Not with the title, which sucks so bad, but the story itself is awesome. I'm going to spend time tomorrow going over the opening chapter and thinking of a new title and then I'm going to start a new story. Probably a short story. Because that's what I do, start something else right away.

Got a reply on the story I submitted to F&SF. It was rejected but for completely different reasons than the first time. The editor felt that the balance of inner and external action was off, and he thought the action was a little too slow in starting. Which, fair enough. I was going for a very thinky story so the balance was off a bit. And the unicorns showed up pretty late in the story.

Not that I'm going to edit it. I'm going to send it off to an open anthology and see what they think. I spent a while today tracking down places to submit fiction and I've got tons of markets to try out now. Some are novel only but hey, most have anthologies, too. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it all out, darn it.

Got my steps today but not my exercises. I should try to do that before I take my bath today though it'll have to be light given that my arms are still flaring a little. My goal is to go to bed before 10 tonight. I haven't been getting enough sleep and it's making me cranky.

So, goals for tomorrow include going over the opening of the book and fixing the title, getting this week's story's cover and ebook done (as I did get the format and cover blurb finished today), exercises, and making casserole for dinner.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Two chapters left!

Aug. 14th, 2017 09:10 pm
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Yay! Jaden and Padma are getting promotions because Mrs. Prouss, Jaden's boss, is a bigoted old lady and the president of the company sided with Jaden. Next chapter is a celebration dinner where Padma proposes and then the final chapter is the heat wave breaking in a huge rainstorm and Jaden accepting.

I'm so glad it's almost done. Three novels in 3 months is a pretty darn good accomplishment, especially in the middle of summer.

I only got about 1500 words today but that's because the hubby decided that we desperately needed to do some pruning outside after dinner. The wisteria got a very severe haircut and then the lilac bush in front of the hubby's office got massively whacked back. We filled the bin and still had a lot left over but it was necessary. The roofers will be coming to replace our roof on Friday and that bush was way over the roof line. We'll probably give it another wack after they're done, take down to about halfway down the side of the building but that's for later.

I am very sore, not so much muscle sore as ten bejillion scratches sore. The bushes fought back against being trimmed but I won.

Goals for tomorrow include exercises (as the RSI seems to be easing again finally), writing the next to last chapter, getting this week's short story into basic format and getting the cover blurb done, and that's about it that I can think of right now.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Well, submitted again

Aug. 13th, 2017 08:15 pm
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I submitted Fossil History, that unicorn short story I wrote for an anthology (that it didn't get accepted to), to the Magazine of Fantasy and SF. No expectation that it'll get accepted but hey, why not? I gotta get over my issues with submitting my work to magazines so this is a good place to start.

I also got another chapter on the novel done. I've got three left and it'll be done. Yay! Maybe two but I think three.

Picked blueberries, did tons of laundry, changed the bed, ate chocolate, spent time with the hubby; not much really happened today and that's just fine. Quiet days are good.

Goals for tomorrow include replying to Megan Derr to thank her for giving me a bunch of places that I could send my books for reviews, actually looking at those places and picking books to send out for reviews (and figuring out how much I need to budget to that process, ugh), writing a chapter of the novel (or more), exercises, complaining about my RSI kicking my ass, and making beef country style ribs for dinner.

Now, though, I'm off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

Easy day today

Aug. 12th, 2017 08:02 pm
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The hubby and I decided that 'fun' for today was defined by going to the mall. He didn't really want to go for a hike or a bike ride and neither of us wanted to spend the money on a movie. So we went to the mall, had lunch, looked at Legos, got Lush and gummy bears and then I bought myself a nice knit dress. First one I've bought in a really long time.

The arms are a bit too tight but my upper arms are huge so that's expected. It's nicely drapey and it's got flared bits from the elbow to the wrist that I fully expect to get into all my food when I wear it. I'm pondering copying it and making my own versions of it with pockets because it really is nice.

We got our steps in while we were out so when we got back I started writing. Got another chapter, 2300 words written. Jaden needed new skirts after destroying one of hers so they went to the mall and got caught by their most-gossipy coworkers while at Torrid. Padma totally and completely panicked.

Next chapter will be Padma explaining just how bad it was when her parents threw her out as a late teen for being queer and why she reacted so badly to being found that way. Jaden's okay, totally calm about being found on a not-date date, just worried about Padma. Then I think I have three or four more chapters where the two of them decide that yes, this will work even with all the issues and the book will be done.

Goals for tomorrow include a lazy day, writing 1-2 chapters of the novel, doing a lot of laundry and picking those damned blueberries. Didn't get that done today. Hopefully I can get them before the rain that's been promised starts up.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Still RSI flaring

Aug. 11th, 2017 08:57 pm
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Ugh. Another short post.

Got another chapter done. 'I love you' has been spoken. Jaden is freaking. Padma is patient and determined to stay the course. Next chapter is clothes shopping at the mall for Jaden, otherwise known as hell on earth.

Got my steps, not my exercises due to the RSI flare. Stupid arms and stupid ow.

Went grocery shopping. There were pork loins, the whole thing, on sale for cheap so I got one. That'll be four to six meals right there, for just $16. I just have to cut it up and freeze them.

This week's story is up everywhere. There will be a Now Available post, damn it. Just not tonight.

Second installment of spending way too much money happened. We now have a new fully functioning furnace for our house instead of one that doesn't work at all. The wiring was completely borked, not just under the new code levels but not legal per code at the time the house was built. Worrisome, that but there's not much to do about it.

Goals for tomorrow includes 'something fun' (and no idea what that means to the hubby), writing 1-2 chapters (if my arms don't kill me), picking the last of the blueberries and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

RSI flare

Aug. 10th, 2017 08:28 pm
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Damn it.

I suppose I should have expected a flare after sluffing off on my exercises for so long but I didn't. Ow. My arms and hands ache like crazy today so you're getting the shortest of short posts.

Got another chapter, 2300 words written. I've got 6 chapters left on the novel and then I'll have my 3 novels in 3 months challenge done.

Got this week's story uploaded everywhere. It's up on Kobo, Smashwords and Amazon but I'm too sore to gather the links. Look for The Lights of the Stones if you're interested.

Also too sore to get the damned Now Available post up. *groan*

Our dishwasher has been replaced and we're both very relieved. Still figuring out how to load and what it can hold but that'll come in time.

Goals for tomorrow are writing, exercises (if the RSI doesn't stop me), grocery shopping and that's about it.

Off to bath, pain meds and bed--goodnight everyone!

Traffic sucks

Aug. 9th, 2017 08:28 pm
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Took an hour and a half to get home tonight due to traffic being bad. There were two accidents on the interstate and it shut down pretty much every major road in the area. Ugh!

But I did make it home, thank goodness. And even nicer, the hubby decided (having been stuck in traffic for over two hours) that hamburgers cooked on the grill was fast and easy and we went with it.

I didn't get much writing done at all today. I did okay yesterday, finished the chapter I was working on, but my internet router gave out when I went to post so no post last night. Today the internet is fine but I only got a thousand words. Oh well.

Did manage to get this week's story into POD format. Did not get Now Available posts up. Which can't be helped, honestly. There was an audit at work (me leading it) so my brain is toast.

Which is why this post is such a scrambled mess. *amused snort*

Goals for tomorrow include getting the dishwasher replaced (more the hubby's task than mine), writing, getting this week's story uploaded, exercises (which I did do this morning, hooray!), and that's about it that I can think of right now.

Goodnight everyone!
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I had grand plans of getting another full chapter done today but I started reading a fanfic on AOE (The Art of Self-Fashioning by Lomonaaeren) and whoosh, there went my time.

I did mange to get 775 words written today, with the gossip starting to flow around Padma and Jaden, but that was all. Didn't get this week's story into preliminary format either.

*sigh* I really should know better.

Oh well, I'll do better tomorrow. Maybe. I'm only on chapter 39 so... *shrugs*

I started doing my weights again and wow, so much sore. I knew there would be after sluffing off for so long but it's still an ow. I'll keep at it. I want to lose the weight I've gained back. And then some more beyond that.

Not much else going on today.

Goals for tomorrow include writing a chapter and a half (because I'm behind), getting the format for this week's story and getting the cover blurb done (and maybe the cover, too), weights and exercises, and having BBQ pulled pork for dinner though that's more the hubby's to take care of than mine.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Much writing today

Aug. 6th, 2017 08:30 pm
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The hubby is firmly enjoying his Sharknado marathon. He spent much of the day watching that nonsense and I spent much of the day wearing headphones in my office so that I didn't have to hear it. Bleh!

As a result of that, I got 4200 words written on the novel. Two full chapters! The girls now have a couch to cuddle on and they've gone hiking together on a local trail I love. Yes, they're literally being written as living in my house. Because hey, it's a setting I know very well. Better than that, Jaden's realized that she is so utterly smitten. Still thinks that things are going to fall apart but she's getting to the point that she's going to be very unhappy if that happens.

Not that Padma will let it happen. Padma's in it for the long term, come hell or high water.

Other than writing and avoiding the terrible movies in the living room, I got laundry done and not much else. Lazy Sundays are good Sundays.

Goals for tomorrow include writing another chapter, starting this week's short story, gathering up the links for all the missed Now Available posts, exercise because yeah, I'm definitely gaining weight again, and picking blueberries again.

Now I'm off to bath and bed, still avoiding the stupid Sharnado movies. Goodnight all!

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