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Trump has asked for all 100 Senators to come to the White House on Wednesday for a private security briefing on N.Korea. Fucker wants a war and he needs Senate approval to do it.

I hope I'm wrong, but I've got a nasty gut feeling that we're headed to war.

I said once that the only way T could get his approval ratings up would be to take us to war, so I'm not surprised, but, Jesus, this is scary shit.

Hey! I'm doing a Sale!

Apr. 24th, 2017 10:25 am
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On Sale for one week only on Kobo!
A Delicate Shade of Rust - $0.99
A Lone Red Tree - $0.99
An Unrepentant Bastard - FREE!
Assumptions of Debt - $0.99
August Highs - $0.99
Blood Worms - $2.99
Clash of Lines - $0.99
Consort - $0.99
Crumbling of the Soul - $2.99
Finding a Way - $2.99
Infinite Joys - FREE!
Orange Thief - $0.99
Running From The Immortals - $3.99
Tales of Wonder - $3.99
The Eternal Librarian - $0.99
The Heat of the Thorn - FREE!
Please check these out and leave reviews.
I have so few reviews, guys. Seriously. Like none. Please, I'm desperate here. Get some cheap or free books and give me reviews. I don't care what you say. You can say it sucks, just leave a review.
*sad puppy eyes*
Also, if you see something that you'd like to read that's not on sale let me know so I can put it on sale in the future.

Super quick post

Apr. 22nd, 2017 08:51 pm
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My mom is here visiting for a few days. I expect that my word count's going to be low because of that. Disappointing but hey, it's my mom! :D

I got 1400 words written today along with doing two loads of laundry, cooking BBQ ribs, going on a grocery run and replacing both of the shower heads in our bathrooms. The new shower heads work way better. I'm very happy with them.

Door in the Wind is now available on Kobo, Smashwords, CreateSpace and Amazon as both ebook and print.

Ebook is $2.99. Print is $5.99.

Do please check it out. This is my new epic fantasy short story series I'm having so much fun writing.

Goals for tomorrow include going to the mall with my mom (I need Lush!), taking care of the hubby who's still sick, getting the current short story done, and getting more things fixed on Kobo. Probably won't get that last one but I'll try.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Ow. Ow-ow-ow.

Apr. 20th, 2017 08:45 pm
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Spending about 5 hours in one day to completely retag and reprice all the stories I have uploaded to Kobo is painful. I'm going to have such a terrible RSI flare from it. But Kobo's done, other than fixing the ebooks for 5 titles (they've gotten messed up somehow).

Also, just to warn everyone, Kobo's implemented a way for authors to put their books on sale for specific periods of time for whatever price they want. I'm testing it out next week. There'll be a couple of things free, a bunch of things dramatically reduced and a few half off. I'll post the list when it goes live on Monday. Here's hoping it gets me a little traction on Kobo because I just do not sell over there and I'd like to.

Didn't get my steps but I did scrub the kitchen floor which had gotten profoundly gross. So the steps are bit off compared to the exertion.

...I really need to scrub the kitchen floor more than once every few months or so.

Goals for tomorrow include writing the rest of my newest short story, getting this week's short story uploaded (too sore to do it tonight), exercises, work and fixing the remaining ebooks for Kobo. Plus grocery shopping.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!


Apr. 19th, 2017 08:37 pm
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The hubby appears to have caught a cold. Not sure if it's con crud or just a general worn down and caught a cold thing. Either way, he's coughing and I don't want to get it. I've only got 6 1/2 hours of vacation left to last until May 27th. Ugh!

Got another short story done today. One of my favorite writing instructors is offering to do a thing where you write 30 short stories in 30 days (or 30 in 60 days, one every 2 days) and he'll read them and give basic reader feedback. It's $600 and if you do the 30 in 30 challenge you get two classes free, which makes it basically a free thing.

I don't have $600.

So I'm cursing and pouting a lot. That'd be seriously awesome to have the feedback for 30 short stories.

Anyone want to volunteer to be a first reader for 30 to 60 days? *hopeful look*

Other than that, I made homemade pizza tonight and it was yummy. A bit crispier on the bottom than I normally like but still quite tasty.

Also got another Muirin short into the new POD format. Tomorrow I'll give it a proper cover. Oh, and I got City of the Ladies new cover done. Always provided I end up deciding that this is good format. We'll see.

Goals for tomorrow include writing a new short story, getting Fitting In into POD format, getting Fight Smarter's cover redo done, uploading the latest short story (Door in the Wind) and exercises. Plus work.

I have far too much to do.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

The importer has (mostly) caught up!

Apr. 19th, 2017 11:02 pm
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[staff profile] denise in [site community profile] dw_maintenance
Our content importer has mostly caught up with its backlog; almost everything that's still listed as being "in the queue" are jobs that were tried, failed once or more with a temporary failure, and are waiting to try again. (The importer tries a few times, at successively longer intervals, when it gets a failure it thinks might be temporary/might correct itself later on.) This means that new imports scheduled now should complete in hours (or even minutes), not the "several days" it's been taking.

If you tried to schedule a second import while the first one was still running, at any time in the past 10 days or so, you may have confused the poor thing. If you think your import should be finished by now and it isn't, and you're seeing "Aborted" on the Importer Status part of the Importer page, feel free to open a support request in the Importer category and we'll look into it for you. (It may take a little bit before you get a response; those of us who have the access to look into importer problems have been really busy for the past two weeks or so, and I at least need a few days to catch my breath a bit before diving back into the fray! But we'll do what we can.)

I hope all y'all are continuing to settle in well to your new home!

Now Available: The Heat of the Thorn

Apr. 19th, 2017 04:24 pm
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Xun stopped, panting. She ached. Climbing the mountian to the Valley of the Thorns was hard enough without her new teammates.

Keanu Marchetti was as cheerful as Garnett Daughterty was dour. Demigod and Mage matched with Xun's gardening.

Together, they should have the skills necessary to rescue Prince Cyrille Notariano and his lover from the ancient God Dorji Kita.

If not, they were all dead.

Find This Story:

On Kobo $2.99 ebook

On Smashwords $2.99 ebook

On Amazon $2.99 ebook or $5.99 POD

On CreateSpace $5.99 POD


Finally! It's a Now Available post! Not the big one I need to do but hey, it is the most recent story I've released.

...I have so many Now Available posts I need to make. *dies a little*

Anyway, this is the start of a new epic fantasy short story series. It's kinda creepy but not too bad, filled with Gods and monsters and women being awesome and unstoppable as they save the boys. :D

Because what's not to like about that?

Hope you enjoy it if you choose to read!


Apr. 18th, 2017 08:31 pm
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I got words written today, 850 words, and I got this week's story fully ready for publishing. Plus I got The City of the Ladies into the new POD format which makes me happy. It's just under 70 pages which means I can start working on the new branding for the covers. I really hate to change the old covers MGNemesi did out but I have to rebrand them all to match. Finally. Several years later.

*sad sigh* I really love those covers.

In addition, I made fried zucchini and tilapia for dinner--that was super yummy and I have some for lunch tomorrow. Everyone is going to hate me for nuking fish but I'm nuking that fish. Then I made a breakfast quiche with broccoli and mushroom for the next week or so.

Not much else happened today. Just work being work. Eventually the new computer system will calm down. Not yet. Sadly.

Goals for tomorrow include homemade pizza for dinner (yay!), writing, getting more Matriarchies of Muirin stories updated, figuring out the new Muirin cover branding, exercises and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Back from the con!

Apr. 16th, 2017 07:37 pm
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We had a wonderful time, other than finding parking at the hotel. It was super-packed which was annoying. But I went to tons of really good panels, took lots and lots of notes on things I want to research, and learned a lot. Norwescon is a very writer-focused con so that was nice.

I managed to keep writing over the whole week so I still have my streak. I'm up to 340 days straight so far and still going strong. Yay me!

Finished a short story today, another of the Gods Above and Below series, and I'm planning on starting another tomorrow.

Sadly, I'm not sure how much more I'll get done as quickly as I realized that I desperately need to change the tags and catagories on every single one of my stories. Tagging things LGBT appears to put you straight into instant obscurity. That plus some bad formatting and covers need to be fixed pronto. Which doesn't mean that I'm going to stop writing queer stories and queer characters. I'm just going to stop tagging them that way and then I'll see if that makes a difference for my sales.

If I'm right, it should help. I've got my fingers crossed on that front.

Goals for tomorrow include writing, getting this week's story ready for publication, redoing some Muirin stories' formatting, doing Story Bibles for both Gods Above and Below and for more Muirin stories, and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me because I'm pooped after the con. Goodnight everyone!
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Looks like my concerns from the beginning of January have come true and a lot of people are jumping ship from LJ. In case you've lost a friend or want to be found again by others, there's this very useful resource comm called [community profile] 2017revival. You might want to check it out or spread the word.

Would you look at that, two posts in one year, and it's only April. I might start blogging again after all :D
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Hello, Dreamwidth! Goodness, this past week has been unexpectedly exciting, hasn't it? A warm Dreamwidth welcome to everyone who's just joining us: we're glad you're here, and we hope you're liking the new digs.

Before we get into all the things I have to cover, though: Given the reasons most people are citing for not wanting to agree to LiveJournal's new ToS, I'd like to take a moment and ask: if you're able to (and only if you're able!), please consider donating to the Russian LGBT Network/Российская ЛГБТ-сеть. They not only do excellent work across the Russian Federation, but are currently mobilizing to help evacuate LGBT people in Chechnya who are in danger of detention or death. (EDIT: If you're outside Russia, you can donate through All Out; the Russian LGBT Network website won't accept donations from outside Russia.)

To our friends in Russia who are LGBT and those who are against the mistreatment of anyone because of their sexual orientation: We stand with you. Please stay safe above all else, but if it would be safe for you to post that link, the LGBT Network is asking that as many people as possible publicly share the information that the LGBT Network is ready to help. (They also ask that you do not contact people in Chechnya directly to let them know, as there are reports the authorities are searching people's phones and computers for evidence of sexual orientation.)

The rest of this post is primarily to give y'all new folks a brief orientation (or as brief as I am ever capable of; no one has ever called me concise) to help you settle in, although I hope at least some of it will be useful (or at least interesting!) to those of you who have been with us for a while. Come with me as we discuss Dreamwidth's history, a bit of what (we think) makes us special, the answers to a few common questions about how we roll, and a few useful tips that may help you with the transition.

Dreamwidth 101! )

Whew! That was a lot to throw at y'all at once, I know. (Yes, I always am this longwinded. And I always use this many parentheses.) Everybody who's been here for a while: thank you for your patience as I got our new arrivals up to speed! We'll be back in a few weeks with a code push and a bunch of new features and fixes, so the next news post should be more broadly applicable.

In the meantime, let's have a welcome party in the comments:

* If you're looking for new people to subscribe to you, leave a comment with some basic info about your journal and what you tend to write about! Then everybody can browse around and meet each other. (There's also [community profile] 2017revival and [community profile] addme, both of which are unofficial but bustling lately; holler if you know of any more.)

* If you've been here for a while and have a favorite community that's active, drop a link and a brief description!

* If you're new or you've been here for a while, and you're looking for an active community on a particular topic, leave a comment with what you're looking for and people can recommend you some options. (We've done this a few times before, as "the great community rec-o-matic", and it's never a bad time for another round.)

* If you know of any scripts, resources, extensions, tools, or toys that will help someone make the move, get settled in, or customize their DW experience once they're here, drop a link and a description in the comments. (We can't be responsible for unofficial tools, scripts, extensions, etc, so use at your own risk, but I know there are a bunch of them floating around!)

Finally, a quick note on the importer queue: it's still going, I swear. The jobs finishing now are the ones that were scheduled around 48 hours ago, though, so we really appreciate how patient y'all are being!

As always, if you're having problems with Dreamwidth, Support can help you; for notices of site problems and downtime, check [site community profile] dw_maintenance and the Twitter status account. (We can't do support through Twitter, though! Open a support request instead. Me trying to fit into 140 characters is not a pretty sight.)

Comment notifications may be delayed for an hour or two, due to the high volume of notifications generated after an update is posted to [site community profile] dw_news. This was posted at 5:30AM EDT (see in your time zone). Please don't worry about delayed notifications until at least two hours after that.

Quick post tonight

Apr. 13th, 2017 08:33 pm
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As I'm off to bath time in a second.

Busy work finally started easing up a little bit today only to have a new project descend on me at 15 minutes to departure. *growls*

I got this week's story uploaded everywhere. It's up on Smashwords, Amazon and Kobo, and pending on CreateSpace. No links tonight since I'm in a hurry. Look for The Heat of the Thorn if you're curious.

Got my steps and totally failed to control my eating. There was strawberry cake at work. I can't be held responsible for eating it. It's strawberry cake!

Tomorrow's a half day as the hubby and I are going to Norwescon in Seattle. It's local which is awesome for us. The hubby's groaning about it though because he only just got back and is still a bit jetlagged.

Goals for tomorrow include getting a Now Available post up (for something, damn it!), exercises, going to the con, and writing. I will be bringing the laptop. Because it's me and I'm not losing my writing streak.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Work continues to be a cluster

Apr. 11th, 2017 08:29 pm
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And a completely insane one at that. People keep saying that it's getting better (tiny little bits at a time) but I'm not seeing it. Oh well. Eventually they'll get it all worked out and then I'll have the fun of documenting how all of it changed. *dies a lot*

In addition, there was a big important conference call with Japan right before my day was done so I ended up leaving work half an hour late. Makes a huge difference on the traffic, let me tell you. And I've got a big Very Important Project to complete first thing in the morning so yeah. Work is work.

Didn't get any writing on the current short story done but I did get my assignment for the Mystery class done. 700 words of the opening to a cozy mystery set in the Muirin verse. Go me! Or go Sinead because she showed up on the page and damn near kept me writing until I had a full first chapter.

The only reason I stopped was because I am pooped and I want a bath.

Goals for tomorrow include getting the POD and ebook versions done for this week's book, finishing the cover that's 7/8 complete (just needs to be trimmed to the correct size), writing, making casserole (because that last one turned out so good I want a repeat), exercises and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

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