May. 24th, 2017 08:23 pm
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I didn't get a post up the last couple of days. I was just too busy to get it done.

Got another short story in the Gods Above and Below series done. Cyrille had a very hard time and he was very cranky about being thrown into a muck-filled pit complete with a monster. But he won so it's okay.

Then I started a new one today but only got 700 words on it since I really wanted to get this week's story into POD format. Which I did. I did not get the Now Available post up for the week. I'll have to do that tomorrow.

My new Kobo arrived and it's lovely. Unfortunately, I realized as I was loading things onto it that I desperately need to go through the fanfic I have stored in Calibre. There's a ton of stuff that I no longer want or read. Plus there's a bunch of stuff that I need to reorganize like crazy. Project for the long weekend coming up, I suppose. But it will get me to download a bunch of my favorites from AO3 so that's good, I suppose. :D

Got my steps on Sunday and yesterday. Today, too. Didn't get them yesterday but that's okay. I've been doing better on the eating and I'm back at the exercises in the mornings so my legs and arms are a bit sore. Good sore. It's all good.

I'm going to be trying to make a DIY version of Lush's King of Skin this weekend, always provided my shea butter arrives in time. I love the stuff but damn it's expensive. If I manage to figure out an unscented version then I'll have an excuse to go buy essential oils to make scented ones. That's a good thing right there.

Goals for tomorrow including exercises, work, writing the rest of the latest short story (I want two more done before the end of the month), getting this week's story uploaded everywhere, getting the Now Available post up, and that's about it. More than enough for one day.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

BECK, the series

May. 22nd, 2017 09:01 am
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On a more positive note, I got a DVD set from the library for BECK. It's one of my fave crime series. It's out of Sweden and I'd seen some of the recent episodes that were on the BBC. I'm overjoyed that I'm able to get these earlier ones. This set has the following episodes:

Episode 16: "Blind Profit"- Beck and his team find bodies of women whose faces have been removed by acid. Once identified, they're found to be foreign prostitutes who all have AIDS. Gunvald goes undercover to find the killer. Meanwhile, Beck has a heart incident and soon after that becomes involved with a lovely female doctor.

Episode 17: "The Scorpion"-A man is found murdered and his ex-wife and family are missing. She's apparently the victim of spousal abuse. Did she kill him to save herself? During the case Gunvald discovers that his estranged sister is a victim of domestic abuse. His contact with her sets off a chain of unexpected consequences.

Episode 18: "The Unclaimed Girl"-a five-year-old is found in an ice house in the woods. She'd been starved. Who is she and who is responsible?

None of these shows are easy to watch sometimes. Swedish productions tend to be pretty dark, but I have to say I really love the characters and how they work so well together. Gunvald is my favorite character, handsome, edgy, and an excellent cop. Martin, prodding, smart, he makes sure to follow all the leads. He sees so much and while he doesn't talk a lot, he processes all the clues and eventually gets to the truth.

I have to say Episode 17: "The Scorpion" is the most intense because it's a bit more twisty as it went along. There were several times I thought, what the hell? But it's very dramatic and has a satisfying ending. "The Unclaimed Girl" is incredibly sad and poignant. It gives a glimpse into how hard it is to be a detective, especially when dealing with abused or dead children.

Of course, it's in Swedish and you have to read subtitles, but I don't mind. I highly recommend this series if you ever get a chance to see it.

BTW, here's a picture of the actor who plays Gunvald, Mikael Persbrandt:

 photo MikaelPersbrandt5_zps37sgyncy.jpg

To Post or Not Post

May. 22nd, 2017 08:59 am
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I haven't posted much lately. Mainly I've been swirling in a spiritual abyss caused by our country's political position right now. Rather than posting daily about the shitstorm that passes for the White House, I've just been not putting the negative out there. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of articles I could post about the incompetence and corruption that's documented all over the net. I don't want to add to them. Anyone who knows me, knows where I stand. So, unless I see something posted that I'm not seeing covered in the mainstream press, I'm going to forego political posting, or at least try to.

Another Gods Above short story done!

May. 21st, 2017 08:21 pm
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Yay me! I started it today and finished it, too. Grand total of 4000 words. Xun solved a problem mostly by herself and found herself a little bit changed by it.

The hubby and I went for a bike ride today. Man, I can tell I've not been on a bike in ages. My legs and butt were not happy at all. Worse, it was aggravating my arms but so far they're okay. No flare up. I will be medicating to be sure that I don't flare. Can't afford that right now.

Dinner was pork country style ribs marinated in BBQ sauce with corn and German pretzels. Yummy and very easy to make. Which was good after the bike ride.

Goals for tomorrow include writing another short story (hopefully a full story), exercises, work and breakfast for dinner.

I'm off for meds, bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

Started another story, no surprise

May. 19th, 2017 08:40 pm
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I managed to get 2200 words written on it, mostly because work was very, very slow today and the boss left early. So I wrote instead of sitting there being bored to tears.

Got groceries and came home to discover that the hubby had weed-whacked the yard, cut the grass and was busily chopping the last of the railroad ties we removed last year in half. We'd planned to take it to the dump over the next week or so but to get it into his truck it had to be cut in half. Wouldn't fit otherwise.

We don't have a proper saw that could cut it so he chopped it in half with an ax. And now is very, very ow. So we're off to hot tub to soak for a bit and then bed. Another exciting Friday night, yard work and early bedtime. *amused snort*

We're thinking (if he's not dying tomorrow) of going for a bike ride on the Centennial Trail not that far from home. It should be a nice day so why not? Other than our bikes really need a proper tune up, of course, but hey, it's not like we'd need to ride hard.

Goals for tomorrow are thus finish the current short story, go for a bike ride with the hubby and do some proofreading of the stories I've finished recently so that I can get them ready for publication.

Off to hot tub and bed--goodnight everyone!

Success! Another story done!

May. 18th, 2017 08:27 pm
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Well, two actually since I didn't post last night. I finished the contemporary romance novella last night. It ended up being about 15K and so cute. They were so much fun to write.

Then today I started another Gods Above and Below short story and finished it this evening. That ended up at 3500 words and was almost all Keanu solving the problem of the trap he'd gotten himself into.

Today was my 24th wedding anniversary so, after work (blah!) the hubby and I went out to dinner. I had T-bone steak and he had steak and eggs. Then we went for a quick walk around the block because dang, lots of calories. Sometimes he's still surprised that I've stuck with him but I'm thinking we need to stay together for at least another 25 years so yeah. It's all good.

I did get this week's story up everywhere. It's active on Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords. I'm waiting on the TPB to clear on CreateSpace. Hopefully tomorrow.

Goals for tomorrow include writing another short story (I'm trying to build a stock of short stories up right now), exercises, grocery shopping and that's about it.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Now Available: Thief of the Moon!

May. 17th, 2017 03:47 pm
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Rich brown velvet that wasn't actually real gave under Keanu's fingers as he slowly sank back into the chair he'd been offered. Oh, so graciously offered.

One could hardly be offended at all.

Except Keanu knew that he was in danger.

Because someone had stolen the moon and Keanu was supposed to find out who.

If he didn't, he'd be the one to pay the price for it.

With his life.

Find This Story:

On Kobo $2.99 ebook
On Smashwords $2.99 ebook
On Amazon $2.99 ebook or $5.99 TPB
On CreateSpace $5.99 TPB

Got another Now Available up! This one focuses on Keanu, my baby demigod of sacrifice. And his team, of course, because no, they're not letting Keanu wander off to find stolen moons by himself.

Hope you enjoy if you choose to read!

Not much writing today

May. 16th, 2017 08:20 pm
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My arms were way too sore. But the big project I was working on at work is done, thank fuck for that. So hopefully I'll be able to give my arms a break and ramp up again on the writing.

I did get 1000 words today but then I had to stop. Darn it.

Still didn't get this week's story ready for publication. I really have to get that done tomorrow. Cover, blurb, basic format and ebook, all that needs to be done tomorrow. And the POD will need to be done on Thursday, upload Friday at the latest. I hate it when I have to condense the schedule on publishing things. *frown*

Didn't get my steps today. Just too busy to get it done.

I did make BBQ pork calazones tonight. They were okay. The mozzarella sort of disappeared into the pork. I should have used more sauce. And I really should have put an egg wash on the calazones because they were a bit pale and blah even with using the broiler to brown them up a touch. But they tasted good enough for a second attempt. Maybe next week.

Goals for tomorrow include getting this week's story ready, writing, exercises and that's about it.

Off to pain meds, bath and bed--goodnight everyone!

One week sale on Kobo!

May. 16th, 2017 07:41 pm
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I've got my Blood of the Artificer Mages trilogy on sale on Kobo right now!

Running From The Immortals, Hearts of Magic and Triumph of the Artificer Mages are all $0.99 each this week only.

Get them while you can!

Sore arms means a quick post

May. 15th, 2017 08:30 pm
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This looks like I have two more chapters, maybe three. The girls are talking and connecting and it's awesome fun to write. I'm averaging like 5wpm faster than normal because I'm having such fun with the story.

Today I got 2900 words written. Tai and Lake had lunch and then went walking in the forest after a rain, getting all wet and laughing and crying a little together. Tomorrow should be kayaking and quiet discussions and probably admissions of interest. Then maybe declarations of love. Not sure how long I'll stretch that out. Either way, tons of fun to write!

I didn't get close to my steps today or do my exercises. Bad me.

Also didn't get this week's short story into preliminary format. Work was just too busy and the girls had my brain once I sat down to my computer. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow I also plan on making BBQ pulled pork calazones. First time ever but it should be easy enough. I just hope I don't overstuff them.

Goals for tomorrow include getting back at my exercises, work (ugh), writing, and calazones.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

One full year!

May. 14th, 2017 08:33 pm
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I've written every single day for just over one full year. Today makes 368 days straight of writing at least 500 words every day. Go me!

*happy dance*

Now to work on two full years. :D

I got another chapter and a half on the contemporary romance. It's much fun writing all of these girls off having fun and falling in love. Turns out that Chibuike, one of the quieter characters, is trans. Hadn't realized that at first. I'll have to work it into the earlier part of the story because it fits. just not sure I got the groundwork in early on.

Tai and Lake are utterly smitten, though, so that's what's important. And they're realizing that they've got more in common than they thought they did so that's awesome. No idea yet how long this is going to be but I suspect probably not much more than 25K.

Got my steps in yesterday as we went to the mall. Not so much today despite going and getting a new Bissel with the hubby and then cleaning the carpets in the living room and hallway. Man, they so needed it. The new Bissel works way better than the old one, too. That's lovely. Plus it came with an awesome little tool to get the hairballs out of the suction head. Thank goodness. That was always super-gross on the old Bissel.

Goals for tomorrow include work (including setting up a demo of a new program and getting audit questions written), exercises (must get back to that), writing (because this story is far too much fun to write), and recombobulating the living room once I get home. By that point the carpet should be fully dry.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

New story started!

May. 11th, 2017 08:37 pm
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I decided that I wanted a change from the Gods Above and Below stories I've been writing so I picked six random names, decided on a dock with cloudy cold weather like today's weather and now I'm writing a contemporary romance about some old friends, all Asian American, who're staying on a private island in the Puget Sound. Tai, the heroine, just inherited everything and she's smitten with Lake, who's the roommate of one of her friends girlfriend.

And yes, everyone's queer. It's me. This isn't a surprise.

I think this will probably be a novella, maybe a short novel. I'm going to kick ass to get it done before June 1st when my novel writing workshop starts.

Just like me to start a big story when I know I've got three novels to write this summer. I'll try and keep it novella length, no more than 25K, but we'll see what happens. At least I've got a good 2300 on it already and I just started today.

Did well on my steps today, mostly due to super-busy at work and my car getting absolutely plastered with cherry petals at work. I had to hose it off when I got home because there were so many stuck to the car that not even driving fast in the rain was taking care of it.

I didn't get the ebook edition done today. Work was just too busy. I'll have to do that tomorrow early and then upload in the evening. It won't take long. Converting short stories into ebooks is a quick project, no more than fifteen to twenty minutes unless something goes long.

Goals for tomorrow include writing more of the contemporary romance, exercises, work (ugh), and being very happy when the hubby gets home tomorrow evening.

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!
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This is seriously complex, and even more seriously scary.

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The Silent Winter: floating library that drifted in the sky far above the highest peaks. Only three people lived on it, sworn to keep the evil books from infecting the world below.

Or was there?

Prince Cyrille returned to the Silent Winter, intent on locating a missing librarian.

Alone, trapped, he had to find a way to not just survive but also defeat the evil of the Silent Winter.

Find This Story:

On Kobo $2.99 ebook
On Smashwords $2.99 ebook
On Amazon $2.99 ebook or $5.99 TPB
On CreateSpace $5.99 TPB


A day later than I wanted but here's the Now Available for the latest Gods Above and Below short story. Prince Cyrille gets to be the focus this time, along with a castle in the sky (because why not?) and evil books bent on taking over the world. :D

I'm having far too much fun with this series, seriously.

Hope you enjoy if you choose to read.

(FYI, I've been offering this series of short stories for $0.99 for one week only on Kobo, the week after they're released. So check it out on Kobo next week and you can get it for much less.)

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